Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bed and breakfast?
A bed and breakfast is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast, but usually does not offer other meals. Typically, bed and breakfasts are private homes with fewer than 10 bedrooms available for commercial use.

If I just want a quotation, what do I need to do?
You either email us at by stating number of rooms and number of people staying with their ages, OR fill in the reservation form and we will reply to you not more than 48hrs.

 Why do I need to pay deposit of cost of 1 night stay?
This is to ensure that reservation can be confirmed and secured for the number of rooms or cabins.

If I have not paid deposit at the given time, what will happen?
We will not secure your reservation and will be open for others for bookings at any time after the due date.

How do I reserve room or cabin?
To make reservation, you must first check room availability or cabin availability. Once you confirm rooms or cabins are available, you can straight away make reservation.

Why does it take 2 days for your confirmation?
Because we only have few bedrooms and cabins, we must ensure that earlier reservations have either been confirmed or cancelled.

What does the numbers mean in your availability calendar?
‘0’ means no room or cabin is available. '1' or ‘2’ or ‘3’ means 1 or 2 or 3 rooms or cabins are available.

Is it possible if I book all the rooms and cabins?
It is possible to book all the rooms and cabins, but you must first check availability for all the rooms and cabins.

Can I invite visitors?
Yes.  Visitors are only allowed until 10:30pm. If visitors are leaving beyond 10:30pm, they will be considered staying and per head charge will apply. Consent by landlord is required prior having visitors.

Can I have a small party/gathering while staying there?
Initial consideration is only if rentals are for all rooms and cabins altogether. Permission will be treated case by case due to safety aspects. Guests will need to mention this intention during making reservation.

If I have visitors and they would like to use the swimming pool, will they be charged?
Yes.  Charge B$2 per head will apply.  Please refer activities

If I choose not to pay cash, what other options do I have for deposit payment?
We will provide account number to credit to our bank account with payment options below:
1) at HSBC counter; OR
2) at HSBC ATM deposit machine; OR
3) HSBC internet bank transfer

What time is the earliest and latest I can check in?
The earliest check in time is 3pm. Earlier check in will be not be accepted.
The latest check in time is 6pm. Later check in will be considered no show unless specified earlier.

What time is the latest I can check out?
The latest check out time is 12pm. Later check out can be requested but depending on rooms/cabins availability.

What kind of breakfast do you serve?
We have choice of American Breakfast and Local Breakfast. We will consider other diets but must be specified during making reservation.

How to get there?
Please view map for directions.

What other activities that I can benefit from staying there?
Please check out activities that we offer.