Nature watching:
Don't miss them while you're here.  Just walk along the river side, they can easily be stumbled upon or passing by. Bring those cameras or binoculars for a better close up.  Birds like hornbills, proboscis, monitor lizards are to name some of them.

Hiking at bukit Kota Kg Limau Manis:

Experience an unspoiled forest tracking and hill climbing expedition. 5 mins away from Junjong B&B by car. Transport is self arranged. Trip includes tour guide. No limit in number of people. Total duration 3hrs. B$90 per trip per group. 2 days advance booking is required.

River cruise to Kampong Ayer/Bandar Seri Begawan:
Enjoy the unique historical sights, flora and fauna sight seeing along the Junjongan river leading to Brunei river. Experience the life of water village up close and personal. Drop at the Yayasan for shopping spree or self-touring and cruise back to Junjong B&B. Trip includes tour guide. Total duration 4hrs. 2 days advance booking is required. Rates per return trip:
B$120 maximum of 2
B$170 maximum of 4
B$220 maximum of 6

Cycling or walking:
Want know what the villagers do during the day. Just walk or cycle in the village from end to end. It is advisable to do this activity during daytime only. We provide bicycle rentals at B$5 per unit per usage.

Swimming or just chilling:
Open at any time of the day. Swimming pool is free for Junjong B&B guests only. For non residence, permission by landlord is required and B$2 per head will be charged.

Open at any time of the day and only for Junjong B&B guests. Fishing gears are not provided. No charges.

Facility is provided for Junjong B&B guests at B$10 per usage. Inclusive of charcoal and utensils.